Areas of Expertise

The company has complete range of non-thermal and thermally insulated windows and doors, complete with a range of profiles that suit various architectural styles. Among other features, special design can be achieved thanks to 90 degree cuttings and by minimizing the visible aluminum frame. Windows and doors can also be combined with sliding shutters or/and fly screens. Multipoint locking options are available in both windows and doors.

For large openings the company also has robust lift and slide systems for sashes from 90 to 300 kg’s. The company also has special systems in which both the fixed frame and sliding sash are hidden in the walls, in the ceilings and the floor. So that no aluminum is visible from inside or outside.

Sliding Windows/Doorss

(Dimension 3.00m x 2.40m)

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Sliding Windows/Doorss

(Dimension 3.00m x 2.40m)

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The unitized façade systems by the company are ideal for high rise buildings, which provides freedom in architectural design. The construction of the building’s envelope is done by assembling big panels consisted of many glass frames, either structural or with visible aluminum covers. Every unit can be freely designed by the architect, whilst the system guarantees easy and secure application.

Vertical Glass support systems are available in both materials SS316 and Aluminum (with top quality anodizing or powder coated colors)

  • 65mm basic system width
  • Easy replacement of broken glasses
  • Various hinged window types can be applied: parallel projected, top hung and tilt and turn.
  • Certified system performance by the IFT Rosenheim & AAMA institutes

Technical Characteristics

  • Exterior visible width – 65mm
  • Mullion depths – 176mm
  • Transom depths – 176mm
  • Glazing – Unitised type with EPDM gaskets
  • Glass Thickness – upto 32mm (customizable)
  • Outer frame max inertia – Ix=320 Iy= 9 cm4
  • Transoms max inertia – Ix=485 Iy=80 cm4

Exterior Aesthetics

  • Visible Aluminum Frame – 28.5mm
  • Distance between frames – 8mm

Structurally Glazed

Unitised Panels

(Dimension 3.5m x 1.5m)

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Cladding System is a complete system of profiles and fittings, suitable for exterior coverings with materials like:-

  • Fired earth tiles of different dimensions and colors
  • Synthetic Resin Panels
  • Specially treated Wood Panels for exterior use
  • Stone slabs from granite or marble
  • Certified system performance by the IFT Rosenheim & AAMA institutes



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The company in technical collaboration with Extraco Co Sharjah manufactures and installs decorative interior and exterior cladding and stand-alone elements in GRC, GRG and Concrete.

Range of Product:

GRC (Glass Fibre Reionforced Concrete)

  • Panels, Screens and Domes
  • Cornices & Brackets
  • Columns, Pedestals & Sculptures
  • Balustrades and Handrails

GRG (Glass Fifre Reinforced Gypsum)

  • Decorative Gypsum
  • Drywalls & Ceilings


  • Structural Precast Concrete
  • Decorative Precast Concrete

GRC, GRG & Precast

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Point fixed architectural glass is drilled and directly fixed on a bearing structure with metal mechanical fittings, tightening plates, fastening screws crossing (or not) glass. These are taken up by articulated routels or fixed bolts. The Point supported glass system (PSG) enables to absorb tension stresses due to:

  • Wind
  • Differential movements between glass and the structure
  • Dead Load

According to the architecture style, the glass panel is supported by the different type of structure: steel frame, stainless steel cable structure, glass beam or structure integrating glass fins

The various systems available with the company allows the architects to design and build modern minimalistic and transparent facades.

The company in technical collaboration with Dutch Star Co Dubai, specializes in the field of 3D skylight, Dome and 3Dimensional Economic Steel Structure. The whole concept is developed into 3 dimensional model before taken into fabrication, 3Dimensional structure analysis and stability check is done using STAAD PRO-V8i.

The company aims to provide seamless design integrated with fabricated steel and glass products to maximize the design intent from the Architect.

The company in technical collaboration with Onyx Solar Europe designs multifunctional photovoltaic constructive solutions. There are two basic models of photovoltaic façade electrical installations:

  • Grid connected
  • Stand-Alone

Grid Connected

These are interconnected to the conventional grid in order to sell the energy generated from the façade installation.

Most parts of the buildings are grid connected and therefore, it is common to sell the energy generated from the installation, taking advantage of the kW discounted price and consuming cheaper energy at market prices.


In this case, the energy produced is used for particular consumption. One of the best advantages of the stand-alone installations consists of warranted, fixed and known priced electric supply during the whole utility life of the installed façade. The energy generated can be stored in batteries for later consumption.

Every project requirement in terms of aesthetics and performance is unique. The company has for this reason developed various vertical glass support systems with our without continuous bottom profile. Design of each glass support element is sturdy and is fast to fabricate and install. The system to designed to withstand harsh coastal area weather conditions and compatible with glass laminates of various sizes. The system can also accommodate various handrail shapes (round, oval & square).

Vertical Glass support systems are available in both materials SS316 and Aluminum (with top quality anodizing or powder coated colors)