About US

About Us

Founder MD, Vijaykumar Goyal

Vijaykumar Goyal moved to Mumbai from a village named Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh, in the late 1970’s. He has a bachelor’s degree in Law from the local college in Shivpuri. Although he belonged to a business family, still he decided to branch out in search of bigger and better opportunities in a fast, upscale environment of Mumbai.

For a few years he worked for a local pile foundation company in Mumbai, and later with encouragement from friends and family, he started ‘Akshat Foundation’ a proprietorship company in the beginning of 1980’s. Travelling great distances daily on a motorbike, he began fabrication and installation of aluminum windows and doors at individual residences and offices.

In 1991, he got his first project of Curtain Wall Glazing – Sahar Plaza in Mumbai. India began liberalizing its economy during that period and Mumbai saw an uptick in real estate projects. In 1998, the company was then incorporated as Akshaet Engineering and Construction Services Private Limited, with its Board of Directors.

Director, Akshaet V Goyal

Akshaet Goyal is born and brought up in Mumbai. He studied engineering at the University of Sussex and business at the University of Lancaster, UK. Passionate about Aerospace, he worked at Tata Advanced Materials Ltd. (TAML) In Bangalore, India. While in TAML, among many other responsibilities he was not only managing two of the most prestigious clients of TAML, Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Pratt & Whitney America. But was also part of the team responsible for obtaining essential quality process approvals from various other OEM’s.

He decided to return to Mumbai after 10 long years and join his family business. His responsibilities include streamline quality processes within the company and create strategic partnerships for long term growth..


01. Continuous Improvement

01. IT Infrastructure

The company has to maintain and keep up-to-date all administrative and design related software’s to reduce downtime.

Information network between Office, Factory and Projects to be updated regularly, thus avoiding data corruption and increasing overall governance. Regular maintenance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is essential for effective supply chain management.

CAD/CAM software at the factory to be regularly updated, to ensure the machine delivers and the product moves (to the designer’s specifications and with minimal tolerances as prescribed) further in the assembly line.

02. Team Work & Training

The company has to undertake regular cross functional team building exercises to ensure camaraderie between different groups of employees for better coordination and concentration during office hours. Variation in team building exercises by including friends and family is crucial to obtain dedicated participation from all the employees.

The company firmly believes that every employee is talented and possesses specific skill sets. To amplify these skill sets, every employee is provided with training to meet the desired objectives of the company.

03. Quality Processes

It is important for the company to follow in-depth quality control processes to reduce re-work and increase margins on a project. In order for these processes to remain relevant it is equally important to modify processes based on learning’s from factory/project site.

04. Health & Safety

Every resource of the company is an asset. These assets have developed specific skills from years of training and experience working on the field. More than anything, these are human lives. The company takes responsibility to reduce injuries, accidents and environmental impact by ensuring total compliance of Health and Safety procedures.

02. Collaborate with Experts

While recognizing unique requirements of each project/architect, it is crucial for the client to have one point of contact for better coordination by reducing the number of agencies at the project site.

The company should be able to offer such turnkey solution to reduce burden of coordination at the same time bringing together experts of various niches for efficient project planning and delivery.

03. Continuous Innovation

The company realizes the importance of innovation in product and/or services offered. To keep pace with demanding architectural designs and wider client choices the company dedicates it resources to continuously improve its knowledge bank and deliver innovative products with greater efficiency at project site to save time, and increase profitability.

04. Client Satisfaction

The company strives to provide the best products and services to its client to ensure repeat future orders for consistent growth.

About Us

Integrated Factory Set-up

Integrated State of the art factory for Sheet Metal Working, all kinds of Metal Fabrication, Surface Coating plant for both Al. and Structural Steel & Glass processing unit.

Skill lab for training youth in the field of fenestration

The vision is to progress with demand created in the field of fenestration and create facility for training. With the overall growth of around 20 percent annually in the industry and also the proposition by Government to build over 100 smart cities in the next 10 years, it is important to train future leaders in the field of fenestration.

Build Major Landmarks around the world

The vision is to find smarter ways and build next-generation infrastructure with passion and commitment to deliver superior value in design, quality and service. Also deliver high quality architectural craftsmanship in every landmark built by the company.

Participate in India’s growth story

The vision is to build infrastructure which is vital for business generation and youth employment in an emerging economy.